Complete Micro-Manufacturing Solutions
  • Integrated micro manufacturing solutions.
  • A new level of precision micro machining.
  • Faster, more accurate, repeatable production.
  • Any material, any shape.
  • Mill, drill, cut, turn.
  • Higher quality, higher yield.
  • Finished parts in seconds.
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Integrated micro manufacturing solutions.1 A new level of precision micro machining.2 Faster, more accurate, repeatable production.3 Any material, any shape.4 Mill, drill, cut, turn.5 Higher quality, higher yield.6 Finished parts in seconds.7 Get the white paper today!8

Beyond Traditional CNC: Integrated Micro Manufacturing Solutions

Micro parts required for today’s and tomorrow’s products are getting smaller and more sophisticated. Just a few examples: A fuel injector nozzle drilled to deliver fuel at exact volumes and pressure to maximize gas mileage. An implantable medical device that delivers medication to targeted tissue. A display glass that is thin as a human hair and virtually unscratchable.

These micro parts require more than standard CNC machining. They require integrated systems that coordinate accurate measurement, rapid part handling, motion control and ultra-precise machining. Microlution delivers this integration with complete manufacturing solutions that enable companies to create precision parts that are economically and technically feasible.

Microlution develops specialized end-to-end work cells that transform raw materials into finished parts with unprecedented accuracy, speed and repeatability. In addition to the control and positioning platform, these complete solutions integrate part characterization, machining and validation in a self-contained work cell designed for the rigors of 24/7 manufacturing.

With Microlution, manufacturers bring a precision parts challenge and leave with turnkey integrated micro manufacturing solutions. Microlution solutions are at work on factory floors around the world delivering unsurpassed precision, cycle times and part consistency.