Complete Micro-Manufacturing Solutions
  • Integrated micro manufacturing solutions.
  • A new level of precision micro machining.
  • Faster, more accurate, repeatable production.
  • Any material, any shape.
  • Mill, drill, cut, turn.
  • Higher quality, higher yield.
  • Finished parts in seconds.
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Integrated micro manufacturing solutions.1 A new level of precision micro machining.2 Faster, more accurate, repeatable production.3 Any material, any shape.4 Mill, drill, cut, turn.5 Higher quality, higher yield.6 Finished parts in seconds.7 Get the white paper today!8

Microlution MLDS: Dual station micro machining platform


  • Dual station micro machining platform enables high volume machining
  • Multiple stations for parallel production
  • Optional laser, mechanical, measurement and hybrid configurations
  • 5 axes of motion for feature shaping
  • Features Microlution’s trusted accuracy, stability, motion control and part handling
  • Available as fully automated micro factory
  • 250µm diameter hold in 316L stainless steel
    Hole array in
    stainless steel
    500x dark field visible
    image of typical laser
    exit hole for
    repeatability test
    Zero, negative and
    positive taper
    Elliptical holes
    (5:1 aspect ratio)
    • Athermal laser machining with no HAZ
    • Positional Accuracy: +/- 1 micron (0.00004″)
    • Up to 5 axes of motion for shape/feature flexibility
    • Consistent results across all types of materials
    • Hardened for 24×7 operation

  • MLDS
    • Precision ground natural granite base & Heidenhain glass scales
    • Mechanical milling/laser finishing option for larger features
    • In line measurement and automated laser adjustment
    • In-Situ Measurement Capability
    • Symmetric layout enables flexible automation options on either side of the machine
    • Standard G-code programming

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