Complete Micro-Manufacturing Solutions
  • Integrated micro manufacturing solutions.
  • A new level of precision micro machining.
  • Faster, more accurate, repeatable production.
  • Any material, any shape.
  • Mill, drill, cut, turn.
  • Higher quality, higher yield.
  • Finished parts in seconds.
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Integrated micro manufacturing solutions.1 A new level of precision micro machining.2 Faster, more accurate, repeatable production.3 Any material, any shape.4 Mill, drill, cut, turn.5 Higher quality, higher yield.6 Finished parts in seconds.7 Get the white paper today!8
Medical device bone screw micro lathe

Cost-effective micro lathe for small to mid-size production runs.

Precision micro lathe is easy to configure and can move from project to project in minutes.

Manufacturer is able make parts not economically possible with traditional lathes.

Medical device manufacturer expands with MR-4 Micro Lathe

When it comes to high precision micro turning applications, Medical Micro Machining in Colfax, Wash., relies on Microlution MR-4 micro lathes. Like other Microlution micro machining platforms, the MR-4 is optimized for high precision applications with an extremely stable, compact design and enhanced flexibility for prototyping, R&D, and small batch production runs.

“The main advantages that the MR-4 gives us are in quick set up times, improved cycle times, and fast change over from job to job,” according to company president Rob Whitemore. “It is extremely easy to set up and tear down for different applications, and we’re able to machine parts we can’t make with other systems.”

The MR-4 features modular, gang-style tooling, live tooling, four axes of motion, automated tool sensing, and Microlution’s signature high-speed motion platform which provides unmatched stability.

Four axes of motion provide additional flexibility. “The Y-axis is really valuable,” Rob says. “You can have a live tooling that is both radial and axial. You can drill angled holes in multiple locations. The Fourth Axis allows you to stack tools in that axis and provides the ability to put more tools into the production process.”