Complete Micro-Manufacturing Solutions
  • Integrated micro manufacturing solutions.
  • A new level of precision micro machining.
  • Faster, more accurate, repeatable production.
  • Any material, any shape.
  • Mill, drill, cut, turn.
  • Higher quality, higher yield.
  • Finished parts in seconds.
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Integrated micro manufacturing solutions.1 A new level of precision micro machining.2 Faster, more accurate, repeatable production.3 Any material, any shape.4 Mill, drill, cut, turn.5 Higher quality, higher yield.6 Finished parts in seconds.7 Get the white paper today!8

Flashing on injection molded micro parts varied from part to part, making post processing slow and expensive.

Integrated milling and confocal measurement system rapidly profiles each part and mills to specification creating uniform parts much faster than previously possible.

Precision micro deflashing solution makes high precision parts faster, and at a lower cost per part.

Variable surface profiles no problem for fully automated precision micro deflashing solution

When a large consumer electronics manufacturer was looking to produce high precision injection molded plastic parts, they ran into a costly problem: every part had unique surface characteristics. This had to do with the “flashing,” the tiny amount of plastic that seeps through the molds before cooling, creating a rough edge around a part that needs to be perfectly smooth. The flashing on each part was different. No solution existed to automate deflashing for irregular parts this small. As a result, expensive post processing was required to remove the flashing.

Microlution’s micro deflashing solution was the answer. This solution started with Microlution 363-S high-speed precision micro milling platforms, added integrated robotic part handling and laser measurement to create a complete system that delivered finished parts in a single process. The solution scans each plastic component and measures the part’s surface profile, collecting three-dimensional topographical data. That data is immediately processed to generate part specific G-code to mill each component to specification.

The result is a precision micro deflashing solution that combines micron-level positional accuracy and high acceleration motion capabilities with simple infrastructure. This reduces the equipment, labor, time and ultimately the cost needed to create finished parts. Multiple systems are now at work in the manufacturer’s facilities creating better parts, faster.